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08/23/20: CytoDyn May Make the White House Podium

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2Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 9.49.58 PM co
Ibalizumab reduces viral load in patients with MDR HIV

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08/05/20: Cytodyn's Leromlimab receives positive DSMC recommendation in ongoing
Phase 3 study

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05/18/20: CytoDyn to submit trial designs of remdesivir vs leronlimab and in combination to battle coronavirus

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08/27/20: Youth radio interview with Dr. Jay about his work and Covid 19
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07/02/20: ViiV Healthcare receives FDA approval for Rukobia, a treatment for drug-resistant HIV 

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04/23/20: San Francisco researchers weigh in on coronavirus drugs being studied Kron 4 News

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Dr Jay’s research coordinator, Derek, proposes marriage at Burning Man


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